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#Natural Living: Efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine# (Author: Maureen Lamerdin, O.M.D)

Chinese herbal medicine has been a novel basis of drug development in China. Up to 2007, China had collected 3,563 extracts, 64,715 compositions, and 5,000 single compounds from 3,000 Chinese herbs, together with about 130 kinds of chemical drugs obtained from either Chinese herbal medicine ingredients or their derivatives. More than a million tons of herbs are used each year in China.
In the U.S., a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, (O.M.D.) employs more than 250 standard formulas, each of which can be modified to fit a patient’s individual pattern of disharmony. These formulations are used for a wide variety of ailments according to one’s individualized diagnosis, thus treating the root of the disease and not just the symptoms....."

Original article: http://www.nevadaappeal.com/news/local/23017246-113/natural-living-efficacy-and-safety-of-chinese-herbal

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