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Fibromyalgia and chronic urticaria (hives)                   By Katie G on 2/2/2016

I sought acupuncture treatment for two conditions - fibromyalgia and chronic urticaria (hives). With the fibromyalgia I had constant pain for about 18 years. I had tried muscle relaxers, physical therapy, yoga, cortisone shots, massage therapy, etc. and nothing seemed to provide long term relief. My chronic urticaria would come and go with my flares lasting for a year to a year and a half each time and sometimes the hives would be so bad that they covered my whole body from head to toe. My doctor had me on a cocktail of 7 different medicines to stop the hives, but I was tired of taking medication just to treat symptoms.

After asking my doctor if there was an alternative treatment instead of taking so many different types of medicines, she recommended that I try acupuncture as it is very effective in treating my two conditions. At first I was nervous as I had never tried it before, but I was relieved after I tried my first session with Qian "Annie" at Annie Acupuncture. The needles don't hurt and you can barely feel them. She is very knowledgable and always make sure you are comfortable and listens when you give her feedback on how you are responding to the treatment. She's also very nice and approachable.

After the first session my fibromyalgia pain decreased significantly. I hadn't known how it felt to wake up with barely any pain. After about 7 treatments my hives that had been flaring for almost a year had completely gone away! I tapered off of all of my medications and I am now medication-free and still no hives or pain. I feel like it is a miracle and I can't thank this sweet woman enough for significantly increasing my quality of life.

If you are considering acupuncture, definitely don't hesitate to book a session here. Also, if you have an ailment, talk to your doctor to see if you can get a prescription and see if your insurance covers or partially covers acupuncture. Luckily, my treatments were completely covered by my insurance and I didn't pay anything out of pocket.

I always made an appointment with her ahead of time. She is very quick to respond if you email her.

Finally free of lower back pain       By Heather Linson on March 2, 2015

Annie did a very thorough medical evaluation and even diagnosed a medical condition that I didn't tell her about. My GP told me that my chronic lower back pain was simply muscle strain, but Annie told me that my kidney was distressed. She was right, and after she treated me, the pain went away! I'm a believer now!

Further, she contact my insurance company and kindly texted me to let know that her services are covered.  I look forward to my next visit.

Infertility                                         By Ye L on December 13, 2014

It works!!

My wife went here for pregnancy, and after the treatment, we had a girl.

My back was bothering me for the past 3 weeks.
Annie put a few needle in my arm, and the pain went away.

You can talk to Annie for any problem you may have.
So give it a try, and it works!


My wife feels great and we will be visiting Annie again very soon  By Justin Berhang on December 1, 2014

I bought a gift for my wife to ease some of the pain in her shoulders and lower back and bought one for myself. Annie was very personable and took extra time to get to know us and evaluate our individual needs. My wife feels great and we will be visiting Annie again very soon!    

TMJ                                             By C Yaqing W on July 14, 2014

Annie is curing me of all my ailments!!!

I saw Annie for the first time on june 22nd for TMJ and knee pain. I've had TMJ for ~8 years. It was so bad I couldn't open my mouth for a year and my top and bottom teeth have shifted about 1cm apart, as in it's really hard to get a clean bite, which is really inconvenient as many of life's occasions involve finger foods. After two treatments with her my teeth are now abt .5cm apart. My knee also went from hurting everyday to only hurting sometimes, which is still pretty rad.

For my TMJ for the past 8 years all my doctors have said is like, take Motrin and stop eating kettle chips. I honestly don't think western medicine actually has an effective way of dealing with certain conditions and it's just crazy that after having these conditions for so long that acupuncture would help. Honestly, get acupuncture. It didn't hurt at all (except for one i got on the inside of my thumb. Don't get that one), which I don't know if it's because of Annie's technique or I've heard just in general acupunture is not as scary as it looks.

I feel like the best part of Annie's clinic is how much individual attention she gives to each of her patients. Her initial assessment was incredibly thorough and she really tries to get to know me and all the factors that would have affected me through the week or i guess also in general. Also the environment is really nice and and chill and clean and the clinic is easy to get to.

Cons are I don't think she's there all the time, so you can't really walk in. Also you basically have to set aside a good amount of time if you want to get treatment (at least 1-2 hours)


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